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Hot dip galvanized strips (GI/GA) for automotive application                                            

With a wide range products of Deep drawing -; IF -; Bake hardening -; High tensile – and Dual Phase steels TAGAL is supplying more than ten years to the domestic and international automotive industry for unexposed as well as for exposed part application. In the hot dip galvanizing process two types of metallic coating GI and GA (with an additional strictly controlled galvannealing process after the zinc pot; coating Fe control range 7-15 %) can be applied on the strip surface. Possibility to apply an inline post treatment coating layer (TAPP) to improve the material during the forming for parts with difficult forming conditions is existing and proven in various cases in the press shops.

With the latest jointly development with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe and Ansteel in field of Dualphase steels in 800 MPa /1000 MPa classes and GI/GA coating, TAGAL is capable to provide material solutions for reducing the body-in-white weight (Lightweight).

TABS(TAGAL Best Surface) a special developed high premium surface is ensuring a high quality painting appearance on our automotive customer’s final BIW outer panel products, even with the latest painting processes in which a thinner or lower painting layer are applied to reduce the painting cost and enhance the environmental impact. The tighten production process parameter and the strict material surface characteristics control  have proven the stable mass production painting result on various painting shops of our customers.



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