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At ThyssenKrupp, we combine a professional, cosmopolitan approach with a culture of social responsibility. This special culture helps ThyssenKrupp become one of the most attractive employers in the industrial sector. We provide a wide range of development opportunities, a modern working environment and competitive compensation for our employees.

Top 3 reasons that make a strong case for a future at ThyssenKrupp:

  • Tomorrow’s technologies for today’s challenges.

Even the greatest innovations begin on a humble blank piece of paper. Fill it with your ideas! Take advantage of the personal flexibility we offer you to shape the future through important projects.

  • Be at “the right place.”

One for all – and all for one: play an important role in a team that breaks new ground as a single unit. We will create new things and grow step by step – together.

  • Our roots go deep – and stretch far and wide.

ThyssenKrupp just keeps on growing. Why not grow with us? What is more, you can drive our growth by working for us around the world. Everywhere you go, you will see the signs of a company which lends support – and is keenly aware of its responsibilities.


Employee satisfaction is strongly depending on the corporate culture the employees experience in their daily work. Therefore ThyssenKrupp aims to live and share a common philosophy among all its employees. To achieve this, it is important to build a common basis which gives a sense of identity and guidance. Thus we have developed a mission statement, which is an expression of the values we share and of the basis for our actions – today and in the future.

Our mission statement comes from the core of the company: Worldwide, employees of all hierarchical levels from all business areas and from all continents came together and elaborated our common mission and vision. In this process, it constantly reaffirmed that we are proud of our work and that we are part of our company’s deep-rooted traditions. Our employees are the heart of the Group. Their skills, dedication and confidence are the key to our success. That is why we attach great importance to the development of our employees and pay particular attention to employee health and workplace safety.

We are open and honest in our daily work together. We can rely on each other. We are passionate about what we do, and this passion is conveyed to our customers. Our employees have internalized the commitment to change and are open to new ideas. This strengthens the will to innovate which is the foundation for the fulfillment of our strategy: With our engineering expertise we can satisfy demand for “more” in a “better” way – better for the customer, better for the environment, better for us all. Thus we meet the future challenges with courage and with confidence.

In the close dialogue with each other, employees of all hierarchical levels contribute to our corporate culture. With a friendly working environment daily work is more enjoyable. Higher motivation leads to increasing efficiency and satisfaction. Thus the working place becomes more attractive. Record of the corporate cultured is the low employee turnover at ThyssenKrupp which underlines our identity: We are ThyssenKrupp.


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