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Graduates & Students

Wanting to embark on a graduate career with a leading-edge company?  Aiming to shine your talent to climb the career ladder with same quality co-workers? Looking for a cross-culture stage that values people and puts people first? Enjoying the fun of running through multi industry operation to sense true conglomerate? Loving the culture of teaming, down-to-the-earth, caring and innovative?  Then come to join ThyssenKrupp! 

ThyssenKrupp offers a number of options to college graduates. For example we offer a trainee program in our Business Area Elevator as well as the direct entry option. Whichever alternative you choose, it is a solid investment in your future career, the perfect stepping stone to build up an understanding of everyday business.

ThyssenKrupp also offers you a number of opportunities during your studies to gain hands-on experience, develop your skills, and raise your chances of success – no matter what you are majoring in. Thanks to the diversity of business disciplines at ThyssenKrupp, you will experience plenty of leeway in an area you are passionate about.
Sample life as an industry professional in an area which you would like to explore later with an internship or round out your degree thesis with practical experience. It is up to you!


Graduates and Students

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