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InCar® plus: Solutions for automotive efficiency 

ThyssenKrupp InCar plus is the biggest OEM-independent development project by a supplier. ThyssenKrupp has pooled its expertise in materials development, engineering and production to develop high-value components, modules and system. More than 40 solutions in 30 individual projects were developed in the areas of powertrain, body, chassis and steering.

The focus is on green solutions for energy efficiency, electromobility and weight reduction. Whether it is sustainability, weight, cost, or performance – each InCar plus innovation is superior to the current state of the art in at least one of these categories. Customers can benefit from component weight savings of up to 50 percent and cost reductions of up to 20 percent. Our innovations help reduce CO2 emissions not just during vehicle operation but throughout the entire lifecycle. Our analysis encompasses the extraction of raw materials, processing, component manufacturing, the usage phase, and final recycling.


InCar plus
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